Homeless Man Sketch/ Blue Monday Tune

The picture is one of many sketches of homeless people around Manchester City Centre. This was from the corner by the tram stop outside Debenhams. You could call it a study. I wouldn’t. Watercolour and pen on canvas board. These are lying around on the surfaces near my desk – the ones that haven’t been sent to the plastic wallets yet. It’s to do with ‘Store High in Transit,’ my last book.

Wonder sometimes how other authors get inside a character’s head. The only way is a kind of Method approach. Without reading ‘Store High in Transit’ this all means nothing. The protagonist – who I’ll just call the protagonist or else it’ll be like I’m talking about them behind their back – has found himself homeless and sketches with cheap art supplies from The Works. This isn’t one of them. It’s one of mine while I was trying to work out how the protagonist would paint, how he’d look at the half-conscious homeless man who wasn’t even asking for change or help. Just sitting there.

The tune: it began as a piano melody – just tinkering, the same way most of these things go. It reminds me of Seymour: An Introduction, for some reason. This one was remade again and again as a heavier guitar song with a three minute solo, then a folk-ish song with acoustic guitar and fiddle. In a few days, after some reading, some more fiddling, I’ll be starting work on my next book. More on that later, probably.