Busby Journals 03: Two Steps Back Editing

Have looped back on myself, working the two steps back after one forwards approach. The problem with momentum is that it can become another kind of complacency. If this was On The Road, typing not writing, as Capote put it, I’d be away. But daily word count doesn’t determine success as this point, and it doesn’t determine good writing. I had to break the momentum of keeping working hours on the book as, with graft, I was achieving it only to look back glad of the achievement of sticking to plan while knowing a vast, bloody vast majority of the typing would only amount to more editing later.

That kind of momentum is kinetic energy and it doesn’t abide the patience and attention to pace that I want to achieve with Dear Mr Busby.

It meant holding off and starting again by going back through earlier chapters that I have been vaguely considering complete. Rather than going from chapter to chapter, one at a time, I am focussing on themes within the book, which I won’t note here. In the overall contents they might be numbers 3, 4, 7 and 20 as there actual final placement in the finished book, but while it is still open heart surgery they are bound, to me at least, by their themes. My intention in the coming days and weeks is to edit and rewrite them in their grouped themes, and then cross-examine them where they lap over with other. For example, chapter 3 hypothetically may be about a childhood memory that occurs again later in chapters 7, 10 and 14. I’ll edit them so that they ¬†correlate, but then chapter 7, if it also features Mr Busby at work, will correlate with the patient pace and meticulous narrative that suits his work.

My hope is that this process will also highlight areas to cut (having written every possible meta narrative and banal scenario sees Dear Mr Busby as a real time Truman Show) as well as any obvious plot points I’ve failed to address.