The Composer

Acrylic paint on canvas. 30 x 24′. Like a silent disco, this was painted in the heat of loud music. When it was finished there was silence and this figure poised in the dark, wand out like a wizard. You can still see the energy of the music though, I think. Available at:

Tune and Ink From The Bunker

Been underground again in the bunker, working on a draft of new and old book, ‘Dear Mr Busby’. Surfaced for air and threw this up. Better out than in.

Trump Protest

‘Trump Protest’ Albert Square, Manchester. Watercolour and ink on paper.

Study of Green Pillow

‘Study of Green Pillow’ Pencil, pen. 3 hours. Northern Realist Studio. Forgot my paint  

Women’s March Manchester

‘Women’s March Manchester’ 21 January, 2017. Albert Square, Manchester. Watercolour and ink. Canvas on board.  

Homeless Man Sketch/ Blue Monday Tune

The picture is one of many sketches of homeless people around Manchester City Centre. This was from the corner by the tram stop outside Debenhams. You could call it a study. I wouldn’t. Watercolour and pen on canvas board. These are lying around on the surfaces near my desk – the ones that haven’t been…

Silent Night

The song, it started out chipper, honestly. Was painting the picture when I put the brush in the murky water and reached for the nearest instrument. Was in a screeching key of Jack’s Lament from The Nightmare Before Christmas while squinting at what had been the orange and black base notes of the picture so…

Untitled Violin Song

Been listening to Warren Ellis’s ‘Three Songs For Violin’ and there’s not much more to it than that. Experimented with different sounds on the violin and loops, adding gradual reverb and gain where guitar pedals have been used for distortion. Only listened to this on headphones, but with the right speakers you might hear a…

Song: A Single Man

Not remotely biographical. I found out about Isherwood and was so absorbed I made this. Feel like it fits the tone, like music ‘George’ might move to. The picture was one from January, 2016, long before I read the Isherwood book. It will have been 3 hours at Northern Realist on a Tuesday. There hadn’t…